Frequently asked questions

Here are a summary of the most asked questions. If you do not find what your are seeking feel free to call customer support at 021 202 1180 or mail to

How does it work?

At Zoopo we offer 3 plans which you can choose from. ZooCare & Zooplus will cover veterinary fees upto €4000 with different excess applied. Our 3rd plan Accident Only plan offers peace of mind in the case of an accident involving your pet.

We can pay you or your vet direct.

Why has it become so important to insure your pet?

Pet insurance is designed to take some of the financial burden away from pet owners in the event their pet suffers an unexpected illness or accident. A host of new treatments are now available to pet owners, but they are increasingly expensive. Treatments such as dialysis, chemotherapy, and increasingly sophisticated surgical procedures now mean your pet has a good chance of recovering from events when only a few years ago euthanasia would have been the only option.

Pet insurance gives you some protection against potentially major veterinary bills, and means you can make decisions about your pet’s future based on maintaining and improving quality of life, not around whether or not you can afford the treatment.

Do you provide lifetime cover for my pet?

It is important to know that not all pet insurance policies provide lifetime cover (also known as ‘cover for life’).Some providers limit the cover as with 12 month or maximum benefit policies. At we believe that lifetime cover is an essential element of all good pet insurance.

Our policies cover your pet for life so long as you renew your policy and so long as the insurers agree to renew your policy. This is particularly important if your pet gets a condition which will require ongoing treatment.

Lifetime cover is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, please read these carefully. As with all Pet Insurance policies the insurer reserves the right to cancel your policy at any time, limit what conditions it will pay for or reduce the amount that they will pay for any given condition.


How does payment work?
At you can pay annually or over 12 months interest free by direct debit and pay as little as €14.52.

You will have 4 payment day options to chose from.

How do I make a claim?

When you need to make a claim just go to our claims tab and follow the easy steps.

Our claims agents will be happy to help if you have any queries on the process and what is required.

How to make a complaint?

Please refer to our Terms of Business which will advise on how to submit a complaint. All complaints have to be submitted in writing

The Complaints Officer, Capstone Financial Services P.O. Box 911 South City D.S.U. Cork T12 C825