About Zoopo

Zoopo is a trading name of Capstone Financial Services Ltd (Reg. No. 451193) which is an Irish owned company. We are an intermediary regulated by the Irish Financial Services Authority (Reg. No. 349539) and we are member of the ICCL (Investors Compensation Scheme)

Zoopo started trading in June 2008 and our goal is to bring superior Pet Insurance products and services to the Irish market place. We work with hundreds of vets around Ireland, and have recieved a lot of positive feedback about our products, from both Customers and Vets.

Our underwriters are Arch Insurance (EU) dac, Level 2, Block 3, The Oval, 160 Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Company Reg 505420

If you have any questions or inquiries pleas contact us at info@zoopo.ie